Monday, August 16, 2010

Lambskin & Tweed

Fall/Winter 2010/11- Pre Collection

Lambskin and Tweed drawstring bag with interlace chain.

LOVE this!



clogs from spring/summer 2010 

I mean, who would have thought when we were sporting our wooden clogs they would come back? Just a reminder that everything always does, so save your clogs, save your lace tops, save your bell bottoms, and your skinny jeans! That long as they are quality.

Just a reminder to everyone that summer is closing out so wear your clogs while you can!




I love Chanel Sunglasses, who doesn't?!? These...well, they are definitely interesting!

The middle pair is the most conservative, but I think I have fallen for the first pair ♥


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

in need of tweed

After watching the premier of the Rachel Zoe Project tonight, I must have to say she has reinforced my seemingly inherent need for a timeless Chanel tweed jacket. At this point, I have come to the realization that my wardrobe absolutely cannot be complete at this point without adding this perfect piece to it. I have known for some time now that this day would come, the day when I knew I had to start the search for this timeless piece. Up to this point I have dreamt of the day when I can open my closet doors and browse through my many Chanel jackets, picking and choosing which one would be best for the day. The tweed jacket dates so far back, one of the only fashion staples having made it through decade after decade and still standing strong as a staple piece for young and old alike. When Coco Chanel created her masterpiece in 1925, one might wonder if she knew what she was unleashing on the world. My opinion is, yes, of course she knew! The reason Chanel has become such a staple name in every woman's dream wardrobe is because miss Coco Chanel stood behind what she wanted to create, had no doubt that it would be absolutely fabulous, and in turn, of course it was. She has taught me many things about fashion, but has taught me this about life; believe in what you want, believe that you can get there, go for it, and you never know, you might just find yourself amongst your very own masterpiece. 

I have thought about a few outfit choices to pair the above Chanel jacket with and have decided on: Joe lace up over-the-knee boots, by Jeffrey Campbell, Siwy "hannah one love" skinny jeans, and Wildfox Couture Love potion no. 9 crew neck sweater.