Thursday, August 22, 2013


Some of my favorite shoe selections from, especially love those furry kicks!

Wishing You a Very Stylish Birthday

How could I forget an event such as this? Coco Chanel’s 130th birthday was this past Monday, August 19th. I’ve been thinking to the past quite a bit lately as my Great Grandmother, “Gramsy”, would be having her 100th birthday this coming November. She surely wouldn’t have purchased anything Chanel let alone eat a $1.00 ice cream bar. Growing up in a different era certainly gives you a different perspective. 

Although my Gramsy and miss Coco Chanel seem to be opposites in every sense of the word, they also posses many similarities besides their good looks. These women have both inspired me beyond belief, taught me to strive for things that I might otherwise think impossible, proven the fact that sometimes less is more, and showed me that being myself is always the best person to be.  

Coco Chanel:


Friday, August 9, 2013

Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike

Fashion exhibition Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike Paris 1967-71 will run from September 4th- November 16th at the Fashion Space Gallery, 20 John Princes Street W1